What Will New York Do with Common Core?

June 3, 20113 update to the original post below. Assemblyman Al Graf confirms via comments in the Facebook thread linked here that he is working on drafting the bill and hopes it will be ready this week (the week of June 3rd). Facebook login required to read the comments in the above linked thread.  Here’s one of the comment by Assemblyman Graf:

The best thing about having a lot of people here on Facebook is that they all have different representatives. I should have my bill drafted next week. If you agree with the bill that I am drafting (when it is completed), then I would encourage everyone who is interested to speak with other representatives to sign on as cosponsors. Additionally, what this petition website is doing, is requesting the Governor submit a “program bill” in both houses to fix this problem.


Original post below

With permission, I am re-posting the comment below from the LI Opt-Out Facebook group. Obviously, we don’t know where this may lead, but this is the first I am seeing an elected NY official actually take steps (allegedly) to halt the implementation of Common Core in NY. Since this is only hearsay to this point, I will report back and edit this post if this comes to fruition…or not.

ARE YOU READY?! Because we are ALL about to make some history!
Today Sara W. met with Assemblyman Graf and Jeanine C. was tuned in via conference call. We spoke with him and he WILL BE DRAFTING A BILL to withdraw New York from ALL the federal requirements of Race to the Top which including Common Core, High Stakes Testing and those assessments linked to teacher evaluations, data collection and closing of schools. All that is within the Race to the Top WE are drafting to be removed from!
This was our goal from the beginning…..and when I say beginning I mean just 7 weeks ago. We just don’t talk in this group, we WALK it!
So in one week P-TACC (Parents and Teachers against common core) will have a bill to bring to EVERY SINGLE politician in New York and DEMAND that our children, teachers and country be our FIRST priority!

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