But, but … we don’t do test prep all year

New York State recently released new ELA/Math Common Core aligned test scores and sample test questions. These questions look EXACTLY like ALL the worksheets and homework we’ve seen from our third grader last year. They are the exact same questions with different names, numbers, and “images” in some cases. Those were mostly Pearson worksheets by the way that we saw coming home all year. The math ones really got to me as a parent. Page 8 of the PDF linked below (not the actual page number at the bottom, the PDF page number instead)….yeah, we’ve seen that square on the floor question on homework many, many times. And page 9, page 11, etc…

So, please do tell me again: How are these schools NOT prepping kids for these tests all year long?

Sample questions here and the specific 3rd grade math ones too
Scores :: Sample questions :: 3rd grade math sample test questions

I ask parents to actively look at homework this year and see how closely it aligns to these tests. Thus, simply having students do nothing more than “test-prep”.

Add to this nonsense the new revelation from NYS that it will be up to the schools to determine if they want to put the non-proficient test takers into remedial classes or offer any extra assistance. Of course, the teachers and schools don’t even know what to “re-mediate” since they can’t see the exams and get a sense of what part(s) any one student may have floundered on.  So if the entire school or district opts for no remediation, then what? Aren’t we just expecting that they will again “fail” the tests this year? Are they just ignoring last year’s results? How can the majority of our students across Long Island possibly succeed this year, according to the state results, and gain “proficiency” without even being able to adjust for last year’s test results? Absolute madness.

“Stop it. Fix it. Scrap it.”
Dr. Joseph Rella

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