Students Not Scores Rally and Info

These tests are meaningless. What (who) is the state trying to evaluate: students, teachers, admin, schools, curriculum, ….? You can’t possible have a series of tests that evaluates all of that, which is exactly what they are now trying to do. We (those of us opposed to the recent round of education reforms including CCSS, high-stakes testing, APPR, etc.) aren’t opposed to testing or evaluation. We are opposed to rushed implementation of the CCSS, Pearson worksheet drill-n-kill, lack of funding for these new initiatives, more testing and changes coming under PARCC, the hidden scores, tests, and results, etc. The list or reasons to oppose goes on-and-on. “Stop it. Fix it. Scrap it.” Great rallying call right now. One of my favorite SNL clips comes to mind:

Here’s some reviews, write-ups, and details about the very successful “Students, Not Scores” #SNSRally. Consider that nearly, if not over, 2,000 people attended the rally on just one week’s notice and organizing. The idea for the rally began after a letter from Dr. Joseph Rella went viral in various Facebook groups, through tweets and re-tweets, and a constant sharing of the message with those who care and those who needed to be “educated” on the topic of high-stakes testing and ed reforms being rushed through here in New York.

Links listed below do not constitute endorsement of ideas, reviews, sites, bloggers and the like. These are simply provided for readers in one place to convey a sense of what took place at the rally.

3 separate video clips of Comsewogue Superintendent, Dr. Joseph Rella addressing the crowd :: here

The “Students, Not Scores” site setup by Dr. Rella :: here

Summary from the Port Jefferson Station Teachers Association site titled: “#SNSRally Going Forward” :: here

“More Than 1,500 Parents, Students And Teachers Rally Against John King And His Common Core Tests In Port Jefferson” :: here

Photos from the rally :: here

The Port Jefferson Patch’s article on Saturday’s rally :: here

NYSUT’s review of the rally :: here

“Comsewogue School District Hosts Rally Against State Testing” :: here

Families, educators rally against Common Core, state exams :: here


The following resolution was adopted at the SNS rally – UNANIMOUSLY!!!


WHEREAS, The NY State Common Core initiative, implementation, and testing regimen hurts children. And

WHEREAS, We believe that our children are a light, a beacon and that this light is in serious jeopardy of being extinguished by this abusive initiative.


We call upon the Governor, The Regents, The Commissioner of Education, and the State Legislature, to call a halt to it immediately AND have it examined by educators. If it is capable of being fixed – fix it. If it is not, then throw it out – scrap it.


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