Keep Those Tweets, Emails, and Calls Going … You Can Make an Impact

During the NYS Assembly Education Hearing yesterday (Nov 20, 2013), I sent a tweet to Assemblyman Abianti. I was pleasantly shocked to hear and see the Assemblyman refer to the tweet (he called it an email, but ok) and the NYS P-20 Longitudinal Database Plan. He brings it up as a statement/question during the hearing to put it on the record much to everyone’s surprise. Watch the moment at the video linked below at the 4 hour and 16 minute mark just past when Assemblyman O’Donnell finishes his statement. Assemblyman Abianti wasn’t able to ask this of the NYSED officials, but I am assuming this will come up again and will hopefully be something the politicians start to investigate. Mr. Little’s response was fantastic as well.

So parents send your tweets, Facebook posts, emails and more AND send them during these hearings or at any chance you can!  Here’s mine during the hearing.

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  1. NYS Assembly Education Hearing on Disclosure of Student Personally Identifiable Information | The "999"ers: Something is not right.

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