Does Healthcare Data Mirror Education Data

I’ve long predicted the education world will look very similar to the healthcare world in terms of data breaches. The education folks haven’t been learning from the 15 years or so of breaches in the healthcare industry. As education moves very rapidly into the cloud, to mobile devices, to unchecked data collection/sharing/transmission and more, it would be a wise move to slow down for a minute and actually think about this from start to finish.

Why do we collect so much educational data? Who has access to it? Who needs access to it? Why? For how long? How is data destroyed? Who audits the security of said data? Who audits the Terms of Service (TOS) of every 3rd party with access to student information and data? The questions at the moment (many of them unanswered or uncertain) far outweigh the desire for any more data collection, use, and sharing tied to questionable benefits in both short and long term. The “don’t worry, we’ve got this” approach that the data-lovers in the education world take just doesn’t cut it anymore.

Data = money and the education world is the next target.

To borrow a comment from an online post about education data: “And the slew of data breaches gets ignored, and the sale of PII student information continues unabated. When will we wake up to how our children are being used as poker chips in the big gamble for education money.”

Here’s the link that got me thinking some more about this topic:
State data breach numbers sound alarm – Healthcare ranked second worst behind retail in California

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