What Does Unchecked Tech Spending Look Like?

So, here’s why unchecked spending on tech costs taxpayers, teachers, and students. I predict a similar situation in NY after the recent passing of the $2 billion NY Smarter Schools Bond. Are the systems currently in place able to track what will be purchased under that bond? Doubt it. Do your local districts have control over their tech inventory right now? Doubt it. Ask ’em what their annual IT audits look like. Is everything accounted for? Having been responsible for the audit in a local district many years ago, if only for a brief time since I inherited it as a job task, I can tell you with certainty that most districts can’t match their in-use inventory with actual live databases. Old and outdated equipment is probably equally an inventory mess.

One story from the west coast:
FBI seizes LAUSD iPad documents; 20 boxes carted away in surprise visit

One story from the east coast and closer to home:
Stringer Audit: New York City Schools Lost Track of Technology

The NYC story is even more distressing than the LA one. The audit only checked 10 schools and the actual NYC DOE offices! Imagine if they looked at all 1800 schools. Disgraceful misuse of funds, equipment, and public trust. Plus, how did the prior city comptroller not uncover this? Who the heck does the annual IT audits? But hey, your kids data … that’s safe with us. Don’t worry about this. Data … we got that over here … over maybe here … or there.

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