I failed the gym test today

My 4 year old came home from her third day of kinder today (which is her third day of public schooling ever) and said: “I failed the gym test today. I didn’t know any of the answers.” She can’t read yet mind you. Fix this mess in New York!

Who do you think is getting a call on Friday morning? Followed by nasty emails to the Superintendent, our Regent, Roger Tilles, and new NYSED Commish Elia. This only strengthens my resolve to fight the madness that is NYS public elementary school testing. We fought this for the last few years to prevent this exact scenario; to prevent our youngest from being exposed to high stakes tests used to evaluate her teacher BEFORE she can even read. Now I feel like I have failed.

Make a 4 year old uneasy on her third day so much so that the first thing she says when she comes home is she failed. How does she even know what passing or failing is? Who does this? We certainly don’t talk to her about tests, and we are very careful in our home conversation about the refusal movement.

The powers that be have lost sight of the meaning of the German word kindergarten: children’s garden.

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  1. I am a physical education teacher in Maryland and a “whole child” advocate. Can anyone send me more info on this? Story breaks my heart.

    • What else would you like to know? I’ve yet to find out what the test consisted of, but only have clues like the one commented down below this comment. There was some of that on my daughter’s test. For example, she had to determine what makes a heart beat faster running or playing video games. You can very well find video games that require the heart to beat as fast, or nearly, as when running. And running for how long? Plus, she has no clue what makes the heart beat faster…that’s something THEY WILL LEARN LATER IN THE YEAR! The test is rigged so she fails early and magically does great by the end. Hence, the teacher shows growth.

  2. Amy

     /  September 5, 2015

    I hear you. I had to give the test to kindergarten as well and I teach phys Ed. I had to pre print their name. I verbally asked the questions and they had to circle the correct picture answer and even that was crazy. I wish we didn’t have to do it at all. It’s not right 😦

  3. Mel R

     /  September 5, 2015

    Please homeschool. Life will be rich. Learning will be joyful.

  4. Home School

  5. My heart breaks for your daughter and all children in the early childhood years.

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  1. While the politicians scramble, we weep for our babies. | stopcommoncorenys

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