NYS Senate Education Committee Hearing Review

Senator John J. Flanagan, Chairman
Public Hearing on The Regents Form Agenda “Assessing” Our Progress
Tuesday, September 17, 2013
10:00 am – 2:00 pm
Suffolk County Community College
Brentwood, New York 11717

The one line summary of the first of the New York State Senate Education Committee’s public hearings on high-stakes testing (Sept 17, 2013) is: Hauppauge elementary school Principal Claudine DiMuzio estimates that in 5th grade the students took 19 tests, consuming 930 minutes of EXTRA testing, specifically just for APPR. It is so hard to justify that to me as a parent and an educator. Almost nothing that you can say to try and put a poisitive spin on it will make sense to me. Or, to my children.

The rest…well you need to hear it for yourself. The video embedded below is over 4 hours long. If you care about your kids (yes, guilt trip applied), then watch it.

Here’s the list of speakers (click here for the Agenda PDF) and written testimony of every one of them is here as well. Read ALL of them. Senator Flanagan, in the interest of time and trying to have invited guests speak from the heart, asked them not to read the submitted testimony word-for-word.

Here’s some news Stories on the NY Setane Hearing (Long Island Sept 17, 2013) and comments from politicians and local educational leaders.
Newsday article  here
News12 Long Island report  here
Lower Hudson Region article  here
Coverage from Syracuse area  here

NY Assemblyman Al Graf:  comment here


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